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​Yuka Hakozaki
üca designer / デザイナー



2018年​ 独立

Üca(ウカ) はシグネチャーのハンドニットをメインに2019AWスタート。










Üca launched 2019 AW season with its signature hand-knits, emphasizing domestic production and applying expertise in fabrics, cuts, and knits to develop a range that includes machine-knitted pieces alongside the rare craftsmanship of hand knitting, as well as creations that leverage home and hand-operated horizontal machines.

The pursuit of fun and possibilities, as well as the manufacturing built on combining parts, threads, and gauges, leaves behind traces of hesitation; these traces, originating from a single thread, are believed to be a powerful force that brings us closer to the everyday wear of our lives.

Wholegarment(It's a seam-free knitwear knitted in three dimensions directly from the knitting machine) and hand-knitting are employed in the production process to prevent yarn loss, as they can be crafted without losing thread, and hand-knitted items, carefully created one by one by a limited number of knitters in Japan, are not subjected to mass production.

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